Funeral services Matero is a traditional family business whose field of expertise comprises a florist and a funeral home.
Our establishments are located in Siilinjärvi and Maaninka, however we cater to the whole of the northern Savonia region.

When the sorrow weighs heavy our services also include home visits to the relatives. This service is especially sought after in the moments where the emotional burden gets too much to visit the funeral home, or if you happen to be living a distance away.

History of Maaninka begins in 1959, when Toini Käsnänen founded a small flower store in town. The services then expanded little by little until in 1981 another funeral home was opened in Siilinjärvi. Matero co. has carried on as the entrepreneurs of both establishments and as one of our most important cornerstones in our business is the continuation of the traditions and wonderful work of Käsnänen so that the expertise and proficiency in the trade may continue onto the next decades in our regions.

From our stores you’ll find a variety of different cut and potted flowers, arranged bouquets, gift items and candles. Delivery of goods between the stores of Siilinjärvi and Maaninka are a part of the service, so if something you’re looking for is not in one of our stores, we can arrange a delivery within the limits of our selection.

We belong to the association of funeral directors, and it is a matter of honour to us to abide by their guidelines and to upkeep good funeral culture. As members of this association we hone our expertise continuously and conduct our business with high ethical fidelity in order to ensure the relatives of the deceased the highest quality of service.

You can find us in Siilinjärvi at Toritie 10 and in Maaninka at Maaningantie 45. Welcome.